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Bear Hunting

A typical day of hunting at Bearadise Bay doesn’t start until about 2-3pm because the evening is when bears are most active. Now this doesn’t mean you wont be able to go hunt in the morning, if you want to go hunt in the morning, we will take you to your stand. Most people will usually go fishing in the morning until about noon then enjoy a nice lunch and get ready for the evening’s hunt.

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Bearadise Bay Wilderness Camp Ltd. is located on the eastern shore of Lac Ile a la Crosse. The Churchill River (from Buffalo Narrows), the Beaver River (which has the Meadow River, the Green River, the Cowan River and the Waterhen River all running into it), the Pine River and numerous other small rivers and creeks all converge to create Lac Ile a la Crosse. All the rivers converge and flow out of the north end as the Churchill River….it is where the mighty Churchill starts!!

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