Welcome to Bearadise Bay Wilderness Camp Ltd., a new wilderness adventure camp focusing on bear hunting, fishing and wilderness experience owned by Daniel & Stu Rasmussen. Bearadise Bay is situated 48km north of Beauval, SK on the eastern shore of Lac Ile a la Crosse in some of the best black bear country in the world! Bearadise Bay’s hunting area is very large and covers 12 townships, which is over 4,800 square km or 1,728 square miles. This large area has not been hunted since 2008 so the number of large, mature black bears is high with a higher than average number of color phase bears. Black bears are the most abundant game species in the area but you will see moose, whitetail deer, caribou, timber wolves and a whole list of other species.

There are a large number of great outfitters in Saskatchewan so what is the difference with Bearadise Bay?? First, anyone can promise you the opportunity or even a guarantee that you will take a great bear on your adventure. At Bearadise Bay, we think that it is even more than that…like I said before, you will be hunting in some of the best black bear country in the world that hasn’t been hunted for over 7 years. Couple that with a great, comfortable camp, awesome people and the knowledge of the area and the game that is second to none. That is the Bearadise Bay experience!

Lac Ile a la Crosse is a great fishing destination as well. Walleye, northern pike, lake trout and yellow perch are very abundant in the lake, waiting for someone to throw them a line. Lac Ile a la Crosse is a big lake where the Churchill River (from Buffalo Narrows), the Beaver River, the Pine River and numerous other small rivers and creeks converge. The large Churchill River runs out of the north end of the lake. There are numerous bays, islands and sheltered spots so there is always somewhere to fish out of the wind and the weather.

Bearadise Bay also offers the opportunity of a wilderness experience for those families or groups that need a spot to unwind, relax and possibly do some business. Our facilities offer a self-sufficient opportunity to entertain, reunite and relax at the lake. Whether it’s a fishing trip with a bunch of buddies, a family reunion, a work get-a-way or entertaining a bunch of customers, Bearadise Bay can accommodate. After the bear season is completed at the end of June, right through the summer, into the fall and even in the winter (ice fishing….weather pending), Bearadise Bay could be available for your enjoyment.

Bearadise Bay’s facilities are second to none. Built in the fall of 2007, Bearadise Bay has 4 cabins, a kitchen/dining/meeting building with a screened porch and a bathhouse complete with 2 bathrooms (each with a sink, flush toilet and a shower). Each cabin sleeps 4 comfortably so it is easy to accommodate 16 to 20 guests. The kitchen is equipped with a stove/oven, grill, microwave and all the other amenities of home. The on-demand water heater supplies all the hot water you will ever need and then some….the only way that you know that you are not at home is when you turn around and see the view looking across the lake and into Bearadise Bay, when you hear fish jumping and the cry of the loon and then you get to finish it all off with a nice fire at the end of your day! Sounds like Bearadise to me!

As you can see, Bearadise Bay Wilderness Camp Ltd. has a lot to offer. We are passionate about our business and both the success and the experience of each and every one of our clients. Our goal is to make sure that clients that come once can hardly wait to get back the next year. That’s Bearadise…lots of bears, great people, beautiful country and a relaxing atmosphere to unwind and enjoy!

Come visit us at Bearadise Bay, it’ll be one of the greatest experiences of your lifetime!!