Bearadise Bay Wilderness Camp Ltd. is located on the eastern shore of Lac Ile a la Crosse. The Churchill River (from Buffalo Narrows), the Beaver River (which has the Meadow River, the Green River, the Cowan River and the Waterhen River all running into it), the Pine River and numerous other small rivers and creeks all converge to create Lac Ile a la Crosse. All the rivers converge and flow out of the north end as the Churchill River….it is where the mighty Churchill starts!!

These waters are teaming with walleye, pike and trout.   Lac Ile a la Crosse is a big lake but you can always find a sheltered bay, inlet or island to fish out of the wind and the weather.

Even when the country freezes up in the fall, weather pending, come and experience an ice fishing adventure in Bearadise! The experience would be like winter camping without running water but the cabins and dining facility will be warm and dry. The fire will be crackling in the wood stoves and the fish will be biting in the lake…what more could you ask for??

Get your fishing tackle together and give us a call…we would love you to experience Bearadise!!

 Fishing & Wilderness Experience Adventures

Includes complete rental of the facilities, boats, motors, gas. Guests need to bring their own, food, fishing and filleting abilities, their outdoor experience and a willingness for adventure.  This is a real great way to experience Bearadise!! $189 + tax per person per day

50% Deposit due at time of booking.  Remainder due 30 days prior to arriving at Bearadise Bay.  All deposits are non-refundable.

Gratuities are much appreciated!  Typically gratuities range between 10% & 15%, and will be split between all staff.  If your guide or someone else has done an exceptional job, you can TIP them directly as well.  All of the staff at Bearadise Bay will work extremely hard to make your Bearadise experience the best experience possible!